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Peter Spoo
"And who is that guy on crutches with the flower in his head? Well, that guy is Peter O. Spoo. The photograph you see ... was taken December 17, 1998 as he was attempting to walk to the nearby amusement park to meet a friend (Fronk Fazoozle). Moments after the picture was taken, however, he fell and dropped his flower. Peter never made it to the amusement park."

Peter O. Spoo


Peter O. Spoo, world famous mascot of now-defunct northern Virginia rock band "Oops Spelled Backwards", died this morning after overdosing on his own creation, Spoo. He was three years old. Peter is survived by two daughters (aged 12 and 14) and his wife - the queen of the Vanilla Ice Memorial Island - Barbara. Bill Gates, accidental creator of Peter Spoo, was unavailable for comment but the 4-Life Corporation he founded in 1975 under the pen-name Ned Johnson did issue a statement expressing disappointment that Peter could not preside over their summer picnic. Fellow cartoon character Antzoid reports that Peter has a prized collection of endangered German Talking Flying Bunnies and that he teaches a University 100 course at George Mason University.
as reported in The Washington Post

In his memory, we have left the remainder of the original Peter Spoo Easter Egg intact. He will be remembered for his long service to OSB, previous versions of this website, and his involvement in the anthrax attack investigations.


bill gates on couch
Peter Spoo began his life like many things, as a good idea that Bill Gates ignored.
(visible, left bottom)

Peter Spoo in Pink Floyd
As seen in this rare unedited photo, Peter Spoo was in fact a short-term kazoo player for Pink Floyd on their "Saucerful of Secrets" album in 1968. The regular members felt that Peter, however, should only have his flower showing. The flower was edited from the photo in the sleve notes by request of bass/lyricist Roger Waters, and to this day Peter and Roger do not speak to one another.

peter spoo on CNN
Although preferring to keep a low profile, part of Peter's flower was recently featured on the CNN website. Peter Spoo is part of the investigation into the recent Anthrax attacks, at the direct request of President Bush.

guy interupting peter w/ GWB
A foreign dignitary interrupts Peter's discussions with President George W. Bush as a White House gathering held in a warehouse. Peter was quite offended actually, although the discussion was later completed at an undisclosed location.

on Washington Post
Peter Spoo appears on with President Bush as he rallies the troops in Floriduh.



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