Company History
The 4-Life company was founded in mid-1975 by current CEO Ned Johnson. Originally, we were a 3D gaming company, but because of virtually no profit (there was no 3D gaming industry in 1975) we decided to reorganize. In 1976, we reappeared as a paper products company. Until 1987, we simply made paper and paper products.

In late 1987, in the depths of economic recession, Ned had a vision. A vision of a world where paper and paper products were more stable, more even, and less odd. Hence, the idea of paper with four holes was born. The company rocketed into production, creating an entire line of products - 4-Hole Punches, 4-Ring Binders, and 4-Hole paper.

Now, we are one of the top 4-million companies in the world. Our booming 4-Hole business has allowed us more recently, as of 1996, to branch into other fields. Our current non-paper related product is the "World's Greatest Bandicoot Trap". This trap allows you to capture bandicoots of all sizes using our patented Warbler System(tm).

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