The Most Generic Park!

The Generic Pointy Mountain National Park is America's premiere generic park. It is situated in the temperate subtropical glacial prairie, only minutes away from the Painted Desert, Antietam National Battlefield, and the Tuskegee Institute. Visitors can experience monsoon rains in the winter and regular thunder-snow during tornado season in early fall. The park's protected lands are filled with wild hogs, stippled bison, sehlat, vista and medallion eagles, and rare North American cheese weevils.

Generic Pointy Mountain in Winter
Monsoon Winters

In December, January, and February, the Generic Pointy Mountain is typically affected by heavy, persistent rains. Ponchos are permitted, but must be manufactured in gluten-free facilities.

Generic Pointy Mountain Sehlat Habitats
Sehlat Habitats

Domesticated sehlat were unintentionally introduced when a cargo vessel crashed on the mountain in 1968. They soon became feral and established the only stable sehlat colony on Earth.

Aquatic adventures at Generic Pointy Mountain
Aquatic Adventures
Forest ecology at the Generic Pointy Mountain
Forest Ecology

Generic Pointy Mountain is surrounded by lush tropical rainforests. Watch out for sloths, penguins, and monkeys!

Mysterious lights from the Mashed Potato Overlook at the Generic Pointy Mountain
Mysterious Lights

View the mountain from the famous Mashed Potato Overlook, where visitors regularly observe lights in the sky.

An imaginary, lumpy version of the Generic Pointy Mountain
Lumpy Hill

If you find the mountain too pointy, you can always pretend that it is just a boring, lumpy, non-threatening hill.