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About VIMI

The story of the Vanilla Ice Memorial Island began in the year 2002 when a group of 8 people left on a pilgrimage from Tampa Bay, FL to escape the religious persecution there. They chartered a boat along with the captain and two sailors to bring them to their 'new world'. Jammin' to the sounds of their disco 8-tracks, they were on their way. However, unfortunately, only days into the journey the 8-track player gave out. They were forced to use their backup entertainment, Vanilla Ice - who had stowed away below.

However, Vanilla Ice didn't last long. While traveling through a thick fog in the Bermuda Triangle, he became afraid and worried about the strange lights in the sky. Sadly, Vanilla Ice jumped overboard and has not been seen since.

Also during the trip, Adam (one of the sailors) was also lost in Hurricane Ned.

However, eventually the pilgrims arrived at their new land - a volcanic island that they named Vanilla Ice Memorial Island, in honor of their lost stowaway. After fending off native fruit-throwers, a small town was established by the travelers. They hollowed out a dance club in the Volcano, Club Lava, and had a massive party featuring the BeeGees as well as several hundred other music artists and groups.

Now, VIMI has become a tourist center! Who wouldn't want to visit a small tropical island with fruit-wielding natives and a Disco Volcano!??!