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You must have proper authorization to access your personal records. If you are not properly authorized to access your own records, you must obtain such authorization. If you have no Personal Identification Number
(PIN), try making one up instead. (i.e. 0208
or 1567). For recorded instructions about getting your PIN reset, please see the Registrar or notify your advisor.

If you are an University employee, your webGMUC and 4GMUC PIN has changed.
We made up a new one for you, the old one is no longer available.
If you need assistance with your PIN, please contact the ITU Support Center at x666-7211-4.

NOTE: The webGMUC system is down for backups for 24 hours between 1 AM and 1 AM each night,except for Sunday when the backup window is from 4 PM to 4 PM. During this time, the system may not function.


In response to student requests, Student Name and QMZs now appear at the top of some screens. TO PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY, you must SIGNOFF completely when done, to prevent number stealing.

The Corporation will use electronic mail ("e-mail") as an good way of providing official information to customers. Customers are responsible for communication sent to their George Mason University, Corp. "e-mail" account, andare required to activate their account and check it when it's working.
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