German Talking Flying Bunny
The International German Talking Flying Bunny Foundation of America
About German Talking Flying Bunnies
Name: German Talking Flying Bunny
Scientific Name: Oryctolagus talkulus flyingus
Average Lifespan: 93 Years
Notable Characteristics: Wings, excess Flab between legs, ability to talk

German Talking Flying Bunnies are, quite possibly, the most remarkable of all mammals. Surprisingly low-key (most people don't even know they exist), GTFBs are the only non-Human mammals capable of articulating speech in German. English however, being a much more difficult and less logical language, is beyond the grasp of most GTFBs. They are fully capable of flight, using wings located immediately behind and above the fore legs, and the flab between their fore and hind legs enables them to swim at high speeds. They often hang out at the beach and freak out people named Suzanne.

German Talking Flying Bunnies are known as inventors, artists, and nuclear physicists. Their exploitation over past centuries has resulted in most scientific advancement and Stephen Spielburg movies. Over this time, they have often been the subject of ridicule, persecution, holocaust, and oracle-status.

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