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Famous German Talking Flying Bunnies
German Talking Flying Bunnies are responsible for much of pop culture and history in the United States and abroad. Here are some of the more famous GTFBs.

Adam Zaaz
GTFB poet from Switzerland whose poetry is translated from German to English and typically become Elton John lyrics. He is most well-known for the original "Candle in the Wind" and "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me". His work also includes several Matchbox Twenty lyrics.

Canadian GTFB who accidentally created water for the first time in the history of the planet Earth by mixing pencil lead with air and lighting it on fire. He conceptualized oceans and built them with three small shovels and two of his frat buddies.

Bavarian GTFB responsible for the 1979 invention of e-mail, working in conjunction with Al Gore and his invention of the Internet.

GTFB from western Russia responsible for creating the worlds first novel, first cheeze wheel, and first television newscast.

Contrary to popular belief, the original Easter Bunny (1930-1948) was in fact a German Talking Flying Bunny named Gunter. This is the story of the original Easter Bunny:

In the 40's, the German people virtually worshipped the German Talking Flying Bunnies. There was one in every household, and they were used as oracles - People would ask them questions, and mindlessly follow the response that the bunny would give. Well, eventually (around 1942), the German people realized their stupidity and set their talking bunnies free.

Well, needless to say the bunnies were not happy. Upon their release, they all bit their former owners. There was one exception, the Christian Bunny - his name was Gunter. He decided that biting was too vicious, so he gathered up some chicken eggs and began to throw them at his owners.

On the Easter of that year, the bunnies collectively stopped their attack as a goodwill gesture. However, once again, Gunter was the exception. He continued his egg throwing. This is the reason why we celebrate Easter with bunnies and eggs.

Now, you may be wondering why we often get money and candy and such in our eggs at Easter time. Well, there is a simple reason - In 1942 Germany, there were some very odd chickens. These chickens, in their spare time, would eat spare change and wrapped candy. These items, rather than be digested, appeared in the eggs.

Of Historical Note: Gunter died in a freak boating accident in 1948 just outside of Cleveland.

English-speaking Cantonese GTFB with an amazing script-writing and directorial talent. This bunny was purchased by a major hollywood film corporation and currently writes under several assumed names. Jimminy is most well-known for his work on various Spielberg films such as Jurassic Park.

Mysterious GTFB who is often seen hovering over the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC and at Chicago Bulls games. Rumors are abound about Mike's history and reasons for his behavior, but little is really known about him. He has a birthmark on his left wing that looks like a Ford Taurus.

GTFB from Berlin who created chickens in his basement in 1923. He built the University of Berlin out of sticks and alarm clocks, and is still the director of the Department of Chicken Creation and Spoons at UB. He has been seen driving an AMC Pacer.

Austrian GTFB who invented standards in 1952. Credited with "standard measurements", "standard deviations", "standardized tests", and "American Standard toilets".

Working under the pseudonym "Alexander Graham Bell", Voluped invented telephones, modems, brillo pads, and the color green while working from his Bonn workshop. He drew pictures of staplers in his notebook and was known as being a big fan of cash registers.

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