German Talking Flying Bunny
The International German Talking Flying Bunny Foundation of America
About the IGTFBF of America
The International German Talking Flying Bunny Foundation of America was formed after the mass bunny-murders of Europe in 1974. Millions of the once populous German Talking Flying Bunnies were murdered because they were thought by the general European population to be minions of Satan. This claim, however, was later deemed false by a team of Russian scientists working with monkeys in Saudi Arabia. Despite the falsehood of the claims, the entire population of the German Talking Flying Bunny was nearly wiped out. Today, only fifteen remain alive.

However, as a result of the efforts of the IGTFBF of American and other German Talking Flying Bunny preservation groups worldwide, the repopulating has begun! In the last year alone, over five of these wonderful creatures were bred in captivity and later released into the wilderness of southern Germany. Because of our vast lobbying force rivaling that of the NRA, laws worldwide (except in Bulgaria) now help to prevent the needless killing of these odd creatures for their wings, which are in many cultures considered a delicacy, and their ability to write novels and movies rivaling those of John Grisham and Tim Burton.

We've earned the recognition of the National Association of Fictional Animal Protectionists and the Quaker Oats Corporation for our work to protect this unique species, and receive federal funding under the Fictional Animal Protection Act of 1993.

For more information, feel free to contact us at We pride ourselves on email, which was invented in 1979 by Franzay, a German Talking Flying Bunny from Bavaria.

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